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Safe Spaces: Bullying Prevention for Preschool-Age Children

2 Saturdays: September 21 & 28, 2019, 12 hours (in-class training)*

Safe Spaces is an evidence based, developmentally appropriate, holistic and integrated approach to teaching young children 3-5 years of age prosocial and emotional vocabulary and essential skills for preventing bullying behaviours. It teaches young children the skills they need to resist and prevent bullying while nurturing their self-esteem and caring about others, establishing a bully free environment.


  • Understand how the Safe Spaces program works.

  • Explore how to implement Safe Spaces in child care programs with 3-5 year olds.

  • Become familiar with available resources and support.

Suitable for practising novice, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with preschool age children 3 to 5 years old, including children with extra support needs.

Bring a bag lunch (½ hour lunch).
Bring a 2-inch binder for the course workbook.


  • Register for the two days of training.

  • Have Early Childhood Education training to register for this course.

  • Read the pre-reading material that will be emailed prior to the first day of training.

*A certificate for 13 hours of training will be issued upon completion of the 2-days training: 1 hour for reading the pre-reading material plus 12 hours for attending in-class training (6 hours each day).

Presenter: Sarah Chapman-Chen. Sarah has been in the early childhood field for over 20 years, during which time she has had opportunities to work directly with children and families in a variety of capacities. While working at Westcoast, Sarah also provided anti- bias and diversity training throughout the province. She is currently operating a family child care in her home.

  1. Requests for cancellations must be received at least 3 business days prior to the workshop/course date to get a refund, minus any Administration Fees.
  2. All refunds are subject to a $10 Administration Fee, except for workshops/courses that are $100 or more, which have a $25 Administration Fee.
  3. No monies will be refunded or credits offered once the workshop/course starts, or if it’s missed.
  4. Westcoast may cancel a workshop/course at any time. Registrants will be notified and receive a full refund.
  5. For RA, AFCC and FCC courses if the first class is missed registrants forfeit their fee and there will be no refund or credit.
  1. It is the participants’ responsibility to read the workshop/course description and objectives and make sure the training selected is suitable for their learning needs.
  2. Only Vancouver CCRR Registered LNRs or Vancouver Licensed Family Child Care Providers qualify to pay the FCC Fee and will need the Promo Code received by email to register. Use the promo code when registering, as no fee adjustments can be made after registration is confirmed. The Promo Code is not applicable for courses which are $100 or more.
  3. Participants must be 19 years of age at the time of registration.
  4. The equivalent of Grade 8 high-school English understanding, written and oral skills are necessary to actively participate in class.
  5. Participants must stay for the full workshop/course to receive a certificate.
  6. Doors close 15 minutes after start time in respect to presenter and participants.
  7. We are unable to accommodate children during workshop/course time. Please make childcare arrangements.
  8. Payment must be made at the time of registration to confirm a seat.
  9. Receipts and handouts (if any) are always sent by email.
  10. There is a $15 charge to reprint a certificate or receipt for up to 1 year from the workshop/course date.
  11. Everyone in the class must abide by the Classroom Code of Conduct.
  12. These are non-credit workshops/courses, meaning they cannot be applied towards the completion of a university or college certificate, diploma or degree.
  13. If you have questions about a certificate being accepted by the ECE Registry, please contact them at 1-888-338-6622 or look on their website here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/early-learning/teach/training-and-professional-development/become-an-early-childhood-educator/renew-maintain-ece-certification
  1. For RA, AFCC and FCC courses the first class is mandatory. If the first class is missed, registrants forfeit their fee and will need to register for the course on another date by paying the full fee.
  2. Participants must attend all sessions and satisfactorily complete any course work and assignments to receive a certificate of completion.
  3. If a course session is missed, participants may make it up the next time the course is offered and within 1 year from the course end date, unless it is the first class.
  4. Anyone missing more than 1 session will need to take the entire course from the start and pay the full fee again.
  5. There will be a $15 fee to make up a missed session.
  6. Certificates of completion may be issued after making up the missed session.

We are all guests in the training room. In an effort to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we ask that we follow these guidelines:

  1. Respect people’s property, choices, experiences and feelings.
  2. One person speaks at a time.
  3. Participate actively by including your voice and make space for other voices to be heard.
  4. Respect confidentiality, what is said in the group, stays in the group. Speak in private with the instructor if necessary.
  5. Assume the best intent. This is a space to learn and sometimes that means making mistakes.
  6. Be air aware because we share the air. Visitors are encouraged not to wear or use any scented products; these may aggravate health problems for some people.
  7. Take care of yourself, whatever that may look like.
  8. Silence or turn off electronic devices.

By registering for a workshop/course participants declare they have read, understood and agree with all policies.

There is street parking and free but limited underground parking available on P1 after 5:00 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. The entrance to the parking lot is located on Ormidale St. Note parking restrictions and allow yourself enough time to find parking. We cannot refund parking fees.

In keeping with our eco-conscious goal of reducing paper use, handouts, if any will be sent by email after each workshop. In this way, participants will have a resource that can be saved and viewed across various devices, shared and printed anytime.

We may take some photographs during workshops/courses with the purpose of promoting our training. By registering you consent to allow us or others attending to take your photograph. If it’s okay with the facilitator, you may photograph materials, slides, books, etc., but not film the workshop. If you DO NOT wish to be photographed, let the workshop host know.

Be Air Aware because we share the air. Scented products such as hair spray or perfume can aggravate health problems for some people, especially those with asthma, allergies and other medical conditions. These can also trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Staff and visitors are encouraged not to wear or use scented products while at Westcoast.

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) require a minimum of 40 hours of professional development to renew a certificate to practice. Select topics you would like to expand on or that you’re passionate about.

Registered Family Child Care Providers (RLNR) are required to complete at least 4 hours of professional development before their annual renewal date.


Visit our Workshops Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Event Info

Date: Sep 21, 2019, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Duration: 12 hours (in-class training)
Fee: $150 (workbook included)
FCC Fee: n/a

Contact Info

Professional Development Team
Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre
604-709-5661 EXT 1221

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