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We are now located at 2772 East Broadway.

From April 7 2021, the library will be open by appointment only. For more information on library services during COVID 19 see wccrc.ca/library

CCRR services are currently virtual, by appointment only. To contact the CCRR team call 604-709-5699 or email parentservices@wstcoast.org.

Choosing Child Care

We provide parents and guardians with tools and resources to help find quality child care in Vancouver. From a list of child care providers to help navigating provincial subsidy applications, we are here to help. Explore our site to find more resources and articles on parenting as well as some of the other services and workshops we deliver to families and early childhood educators. Learn More.

Professional Development

WCCRC is a leader in training and workshops tailored for early childhood educators and caregivers. Our curriculum covers topics for those just entering the field and for those with years of experience who wish to add to their toolbox.   And for more resources both for educators and for children in your care – visit our library. Learn More.


Westcoast CCRC

Serving For Over 30 Years

Known and respected for our collaboration and community-building, WCCRC provides consultation and guidance to government, researchers and other organizations to promote and support excellence in early care and learning across BC. We are a trusted source of resources, referrals and information for families looking for child care and those who provide it.

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Vancouver Child Care Resource & Referral

Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre is the host organization  for the Vancouver Child Care Resource & Referral (VCCRR). The Vancouver CCRR program provides a wide range of services to support both child care providers and families seeking child care within the City of Vancouver. Visit the www.ccrr.bc.ca website to find CCRRs in other communities in BC.


Stay on top of the latest updates and changes at WCCRC and in the world of child care through the latest news and articles below.

VSB Early Learning Conference

VSB Early Learning Conference

Our Child Care & Parent Services Consultants Christine and Siranoush attended an VSB Early Learning Conference on February 12, 2021. They share their ideas and resources in this article.

Meet our Administration & Management for Child Care Contributors

Meet our Administration & Management for Child Care Contributors

The WCCRC Administration & Management for Child Care Knowledge Base is a comprehensive online information database for ECE leaders, with detailed guidance on all areas of child care leadership. 

Find out more about our new Administration & Management for Child Care Knowledge Base and get to know just a few of the many experts who helped us with the development of the course.

Spotlight on: Physical Literacy

Spotlight on: Physical Literacy

January 24-31 is Decoda’s family literacy week, and the theme for 2021 is “Let’s Be Active! Move * Play * Learn.” 

Being in our own homes more than usual may have left us feeling like staying active is more difficult, but also more important, than ever before. Finding small, simple ways to inspire active play and movement at home is important for both physical and mental health.

Why not try some of the activities below with the children you work or live with...


From In Class to Online Preschool: Our Virtual Journey

From In Class to Online Preschool: Our Virtual Journey

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, child care services across the world were forced to find new and innovative approaches to provide early learning experiences. In our workshop on December 9 & 10, the ISS of BC will share their journey from in-person preschool to online programming during Covid-19, how they are continually re-imagining their work as Early Childhood Educators. 

In this article Ana Delgado, Christina Fasciglione, Helen Hart and Maria B. Abina share their incredible story in advance of their upcoming workshop about adapting their programming for Covid 19.