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Affordable Child Care Benefit Information

Online application:

www.gov.bc.ca/childcarebenefit (or Google Affordable Child Care Benefit B.C.)

CCRR can offer you support with:

  • Finding child care
  • Applying for your BCEID
  • Filling in the online application
  • Photocopying supporting documents needed
  • Uploading your documents

Before You Begin

Applicants will need supporting documents:

  • Child Care Arrangement Form (CF2798)
  • Identification for everyone on the application
  • Contact information for your spouse (Including email address)
  • Citizenship Status in Canada for Applicant
  • Proof of Reason for Needing Child Care*
    • Work schedule with days and hours scheduled to work
    • A journal of activities related to looking for a job
    • Medical Condition Form (CF2914)
    • Student Loan Notice of Assessment or school acceptance letter/registration
    • Your school timetable with the days and hours you are scheduled to attend
    • A copy of your registration in the employment program or Single Parent Employment Initiative action plan
    • Your program schedule with the days and hours you are scheduled to attend

*Proof of reason for needing child care is not required if your child is attending a licensed preschool, or if your have been referred by Community Living B.C., a Ministry Social Worker, or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency (e.g. foster parents).

Additional supporting documents if applicable:

  • Special Needs Supplement Form (CF2951) for children designated a special need
    • Proof that you receive the federal Child Disability Benefit

Once you submit your part of the application, your spouse will be emailed a code they can use to log in to provide identification information, as well as consent to have their income confirmed directly with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Contact Parent Services at 604-709-5699 or parentservices@wstcoast.org for more support with your application.