Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre

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Child Care Resource and Referral Highlights 2018-19

The CCRR Program supports BC families and child care providers. Funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, we are proud to increase access for families to community services and Government programs, and improve the quality of child care through training and resource support.

In 2018-19 we provided:
27,336 families with affordable Child Care benefit assistance
79,724 Child Care referrals
1041 professional development opportunities to 19,616 participants
21,616 borrowers with library resources
2670 support visits to Child Care Programs
Across the province.

“The Family Child Care Course is a useful resource for people coming from a different cultural background in Early Childhood Education to get the training and skills required to be able to be a part of the child care system in a new country. In this way they are able to contribute to the wellbeing of children in their community. This is a very valuable localcourse. Thank you.” Educator

“As a new family to Canada, thank you for your help with the Affordable Child Care Benefit. I would not have been able to do that on my own.” Parent

“I am really happy I called as I found childcare in the best possible location for me and I would not have thought to call this location had it not been for this service. Thank you.” Parent

Find your local CCRR at http://www.ccrr.bc.ca/.