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Learn photography basics for child care settings!

This summer, Westcoast is offering a series of three workshops on photography in early child care settings for beginners. These can be taken as standalone workshops of 4 hours each, or as a series of 3 workshops for a total of 12 hours of professional development.

Learn photography basics for child care settings (1).png

These workshops are not meant for participants with advanced photography knowledge/skills and are suitable for complete photography beginners. You will need a smartphone or a DSLR camera to participate.

Take all three workshops to learn all about using photography in early child care and learning settings, including:

  • Camera basics
  • Documentation
  • Storytelling
  • Newsletters
  • Displays
  • Social media
  • Copyright and permissions

You will need to register separately for each workshop, using the links provided: 

Photography in Documenting Children's Learning Experiences on Saturday, July 20 here: https://www.wstcoast.org/workshops/calendar/photography-documenting-childrens-learning-experiences?occurrenceID=518
Telling Stories with Photographs on Saturday, July 27 here: 
https://www.wstcoast.org/workshops/calendar/telling-stories-photographs?occurrenceID=489 and
Photographs and Social Media in Child Care Programs on Saturday, August 10 here: https://www.wstcoast.org/workshops/calendar/photographs-and-social-media-child-care-programs?occurrenceID=487.