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Friday Spotlight Episode 10: TK Hannah & Dee Abdi

Welcome to our 10th Episode of Friday Spotlight! In this episode, Emily chats to the hosts of our upcoming workshop, Digging Deeper: An Anti-Oppressive Look at Supporting Transgender & Gender Creative Children in the Early Years.

We discover what brought Dee and TK to presenting on this topic and what led them to facilitating gender diversity workshops for early childhood educators.

We talk about the importance of anti-oppression conversations and action in the early years and how cisgender and heterosexual educators can support this work to nurture safe, exploratory play and learning environments for gender creative children. Creating a gender expansive classroom supports all children, regardless of whether they are gender diverse.

This workshop is an in-depth exploration of the complex identities transgender and gender creative children hold and how these intersecting identities impact the ways in which they move through the world. To join us and learn more from today's hosts on Saturday May 28, register now at https://www.wstcoast.org/workshops/digging-deeper-anti-oppressive-look-supporting-transgender-gender-creative-children-early-years

Click the player below to listen to episode 10!

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Friday Spotlight episode #10: TK Hannah and Dee Abdi