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From In Class to Online Preschool: Our Virtual Journey

From In Class to Online Preschool: Our Virtual Journey

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, child care services across the world were forced to find new and innovative approaches to provide early learning experiences. In our workshop on December 9 & 10, the ISS of BC will share their journey from in-person preschool to online programming during Covid-19, how they are continually re-imagining their work as Early Childhood Educators. 

In this article Ana Delgado, Christina Fasciglione, Helen Hart and Maria B. Abina share their incredible story in advance of their upcoming workshop about adapting their programming for Covid 19.

Diversity in Children

Diversity in Children's Literature at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

Our Librarian Cassidy recently presented a conversation around diversity in children's literature at Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.

This FREE recording offers you the opportunity to explore ideas around race and child development, as well as exploring practical methods for introducing anti-bias texts to young children.