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Friday Spotlight Episode 11: Etovre Vese

In Episode 11 of Friday Spotlight, Rosa chats to Etovre Vese about strenghtening the connections between programs and families, ahead of her upcoming workshop on June 22 & 23.

Etovre has worn many hats during her Early Childhood Education career and offers insights into the complexity and fluidness involved in working with children and adults in childcare. She shares many stories from her work on the floor with young children, her experience as an ECE instructor and her time on the Union Bargaining Committee.

We talk about the heartbeat of early childhood work, learning from people's diversity of experience and how childcare is fundamentally a relational and transformative space in society.

Etovre's workshop, Strengthening Program & Family Connections, is designed to give educators a deepened sense of the immense value of the work they do with primary caregivers and children and knowledge of how their work can support families to thrive in real life.

Click the player below to listen to episode 11.

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Friday Spotlight episode #11: Etovre Vese